life on edge

"no pictures are mine unless otherwise stated"

hey there…

so i yet again disappeared. so sorry that i’m such an awful blogger! i will throw excuses at you again… second year at uni has been unbelievably hectic which i anticipated to a certain extent but wow. i also desperately need to find a better internet source as my current provider is obviously still using a system from the 90’s. plus i have fallen downwards into what seems like a never ending pit full of binges and depressed whiny sessions with doctors and my mother. 

i will hopefully be back again posting photos but until then please head over to my personal blog… im going to be posting on there everyday (not so much thinspo… more diary/progress shit) and i would really love your support you’ve been really lovely so far and was ever so surprised to see inboxes when i logged on tonight! i will be answering everyone of them privately in just a few seconds assuming my internet holds out (sorry anon’s i wont be posting answers to my blog tonight cause that seems to always go and disconnect my internet? but please let it be known that i thankyou and love you)

sorry again faithful followers… please head to my personal page i will absolutely be updating this from my phone every chance i get! 


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sorry i’ve been away for what feels like 306 years… what with moving house, uni starting back again and a very horrible internet connection i haven’t been able to do much at all! I do however have a folder growing very full of new potential posts waiting patiently that i will attempt to post in the next few days… hope everyone is doing well <3 

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i want to leave here now…

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